The Team

Nick Locke

Educator and Coach

“My goal is to empower students and give them a foundation of knowledge to last their entire debate career. After debating competitively in high school and college, I knew that I had to continue my involvement in the activity. Since then, I have been teaching debate for almost a decade at a myriad of Chicago Public Schools. Debate Academy is about synthesizing my passion for the sport, my experience with diverse students, and my expertise as a high school English teacher to make debate knowledge universal and accessible to all students.”

John Connor

Web Strategist

“As a former CDL debate champion, coming from an underprivileged school, I experienced first hand how radical of an impact debate can have on a student’s life. I’ve been working on various community education projects for almost 10 years, from the Chicago Free Skool to founding a peer-to-peer education platform called I’m now working to utilize my successful experience in web strategy and community building to help bring a top tier debate education to any student looking to compete. “

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